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Northern VA Wholesale Lumber Supplier Reviews Top Uses of ACX PlywoodFeatured PR

Curtis Lumber & Plywood, a Northern VA wholesale lumber, recently released a blog discussing the top uses of ACX plywood. The article focuses on the different uses of ACX plywood and the main uses contractors should be aware of.
Springfield, Virginia, United States ( 15/07/2020
Curtis Lumber & Plywood, a Northern Virginia wholesale lumber supplier, recently released a new blog educating readers on the top uses of ACX plywood. The article is guided by the expert contractors at Curtis Lumber and their extensive experience working with and supplying this type of wood to various construction projects. It was designed to be used as an informational resource for contractors looking to supply their next construction project with the proper type of wood. They hope this new article will help contractors understand when ACX plywood is the best choice for their next project and the main uses associated with this special type of lumber.

The team at Curtis Lumber offers some very valuable information for contractors who are interested in learning more about the different uses of ACX plywood and what types of projects this type of lumber is best suited for. In the article, they explain some very important points including what ACX plywood is, its specific strengths, and the types of construction projects it is most commonly used for. In addition, they also give some specific examples of projects they commonly see the wood being used in. Curtis Lumber & Plywood is proud to offer their expert knowledge on lumber while helping any contractor finish their next project properly and with ease.

While this new article focuses on ACX plywood, the lumber contractors offer a variety of wholesale lumber needs for contractors looking to supply their next project. Their website is designed to allow contractors to educate themselves on the company's experience, history, and the variety of supplies they offer in their warehouse. The company offers a wide variety of lumber and treated wood that can satisfy the needs of even the most complex construction projects.

With the addition of this new article, Curtis Lumber hopes contractors will know when ACX lumber is called for and the types of projects it works best in. For more information on how Curtis can help your next construction project, contact them at 703-972-1947, or visit their website at Their headquarters are located at 7351 Highland St. Springfield, VA 22150.


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