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Vaultes Enterprise Solutions Unveils New Website DesignFeatured PR

Vaultes, a cyber security solutions firm, recently unveiled its new website design, which has been created to improve the user experience on the site.
Reston, Virginia, United States ( 21/12/2019
Vaultes, a Northern Virginia cyber security solutions firm, recently unveiled its new website design, which has been created to improve the user experience on the site. These upgrades encourage visitors to take their time when viewing the site and make it easier to find more information about the company.

Vaultes' original website used a minimalist theme that, while easy to navigate, did not provide a great deal of information on the homepage. This can discourage visitors from clicking around the site to find out more about the company, as most people prefer to see what they need immediately rather than seeking it out online. Service pages provided limited information about each service offered, giving an overview but still leaving customers with questions about how Vaultes could help them. The site also contained limited opportunities to get in touch with Vaultes, making it more difficult for the company to collect information about potential new customers.

The new website is more dynamic and visually interesting. It contains photos, a ribbon menu that collapses on smaller screens, and information about the company's many services on the front page. Now, site visitors can easily learn about the company's IT risk assessment, penetration testing, vulnerability testing, cyber security, and compliance audits all on one page. Additional and more detailed information is easily found by clicking on each service either on the homepage or through a menu. The site also contains multiple buttons and calls to action, encouraging visitors to reach out to speak to an advisor or receive a consultation. These upgrades make it easier to find information, giving visitors the opportunity to learn more about the company, and increases qualified leads that Vaultes can use in its marketing efforts.

Vaultes' new website was created by 321 Web Marketing, a Virginia-based digital marketing agency that provides a number of marketing services to small businesses, and can be viewed at The cybersecurity company is a veteran-owned small business that specializes in using its technical expertise, methodologies, and specialized training to support the cybersecurity efforts of federal and commercial clients. Vaultes is located at 12110 Sunset Hills Road Suite #600, Reston, VA 20190.


About Vaultes

Vaultes is a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) specializing in cyber security solutions. From our headquarters in Northern Virginia, Vaultes provides superior solutions to both federal and commercial clients by leveraging our technical expertise, trusted methodologies, and specialized training.


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