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Sebastian Church Installs A+ Rated Windows to Reduce Higher Heating and Electricity billsFeatured PR

Sebastian Church recommends installing the very best glass products to reduce heating and electricity bills. All their glass and frames are rated at the highest levels, and long lasting with 10 year warranty.
Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom ( 01/06/2015
Enjoying the great outdoors while still being inside the comfort of your own home, is the latest homeowner craze that is sweeping across the United Kingdom. Keeping this in mind, Sebastian Church specialises in all types of glass extensions, sunrooms, orangeries, and conservatories. They carry all types of product materials ranging from wood, aluminium, uPVC, hardwood and composite. They have been servicing Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, or Berkshire areas.

“Considering the fact that up to 25% of the heat within most homes escapes through the windows, it’s worth considering installing new energy-efficient windows in order to save energy and hence money off your energy bills. More and more people are opting for A or A+ rated windows as an energy saving measure. So, at Sebastian Church, we use A+ rated windows and a low-emissivity glass such as the well-known Pilkington KS, Pilkinkton Optiwhite, Pilkington EnergiKare and more,” stated the spokesperson of Sebastian Church.

When asked about the energy rating for windows the spokesperson said, “A window's rating is determined by a formula which takes into account the total solar heat transmittance, the amount of the sun's heat which can pass through the glass, how well the window keeps the heat in your home; and the air infiltration through the window seals.”

The team at Sebastian Church is fully qualified to plan, design, and build any size of indoor/outdoor living space. The materials they use are all top notch, including wood, hardwood, uPVC, aluminium and composite. They offer a wide variety of doors and window of sizes, colours, and materials for your home improvement projects.

“Our doors, windows, and glass extensions are constructed from fully accredited suppliers, using CE stamped materials and passing all security standards. That’s why you’ll find our double glazed frames are made with Pilkington EnergiKare units. Not only are they the best in quality, they are also the best when considered for security and safety,” the spokesperson added lastly.

About Sebastian Church:

Sebastian Church has an excellent reputation in the world of architecture and construction and is referred to work on numerous projects by some of the best architects in the United Kingdom. They are certified and accredited to supply doors, conservatories, sunrooms or glass extensions for home improvement projects. Visit for more.

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