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How did we ever manage before the internet? No more driving around different garages to find the best deals in UK car tyres. Just use the internet to search Avatyre’s range.
London, London, United Kingdom ( 15/10/2014
Gone are the days when car owners had to rely on their local garage, or the big, national chains of tyre fitters to find new tyres for them. Like many other items, the internet has revolutionised the opportunities for customers to shop around for the best value for car tyres, motorbike tyres and the larger, heavier, van and lorry tyres. It is now possible to make an informed choice when it comes to buying new car tyres online, from reliable companies such as Avatyre, to find the best price car tyres (or tyres for other vehicles) available.

One of the attractions of choosing car tyres in this way is that the website, includes a very useful set of frequently asked questions, to help you navigate your way through the huge selection of tyres available. It may be that this is the first time you have had to replace tyres on a particular car, so having straightforward answers to many of the common questions is really handy and it's well worth reading through that page first.

Your car handbook will give information about the size of tyre you need, and this information is also on the wall of the tyre itself. Once you have identified the size, enter that information on the website page to find the range of UK car tyres offered by Avatyre.

It may be that you thought you were restricted to the budget range, but it is worth exploring other possibilities within the selection available, as you may find that Avatyre's best price UK car tyres can offer some less well-known brands, with an excellent specification for road noise, wet weather stopping distance and economy that still fall within your target price range.

Once you have made your selection of tyres, simply complete the order with the name and address of the garage that will be fitting the tyres for you and arrange for payment. (Delivery to the garage is free for 2 or more tyres, with a £5 charge for a single tyre). Fix up a date with the garage for the tyres to be fitted (allow 5 days for delivery) and the job's done!


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