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Spend your holiday at Virgin Cove Resort and make your holiday an ideal one

Virgin Cove Resort is situated on the most beautiful white sand beach that you canimagine in the south seas.
Apia, Apia, Samoa ( 16/08/2014
Samoa is a treasured Islands of South Pacific Ocean. It helps in bringing you close to the nature and also welcomes you with open arms. The Samoan people are known for living in harmony with the nature and following a traditional culture which is surely going to mesmerize you. It is a group of islands which are still not connected to different parts of the world and even in this world of high technology and internet connection it is quite untouched with the human interference in its beauty. This is the reason behind its effective and intact beauty that provides calmness to your heart and soul. Accommodation is very important here and a wonderful accommodation facility can be gained through excellent resort Samoa, Virgin Cove Resort.

By having a look at the website, you will surely get the most of the information about the samoa resort and the excellent services that are offered to you. The location of the resort is strategically chosen to help you to notice the white sand beach in the South Seas and help staying near the beaches. This is a resort that helps you to stay in connect with the nature and to be in touch with the nature by staying with them in harmony.

The Virgin Cove Resort, resort Samoa allows you to stay in one of its handmade huts which are just some steps away from the ocean. The walls of the hut are made of woven coconut leads and the handmade mats become your mattress on the floor. This is a traditional way of living in Samoa that you can experience through the resort.

If you want to experience a luxurious and more western style living opportunity, even then the provides you room in one of the most comfortable bungalows on the beach that has almost all facilities in it. The Virgin Cove Resort tries to live a more ecological life by utilizing solar power and collecting the rain water and using it on a regular basis. This is one of the most beautiful natural beaches in the region. If you want to relax on the beach and bring a slow pace in your life then the most amazing experience is to stay in touch with the nature and live at this resort.

Virgin Cove is in the most beautifulnatural beach area in Samoa.In front of the deep forestof Saanapu village on thesouth coast of Upolu island.

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Samoa accommodation in untouched nature. Dreaming about white secluded beach, blue lagoon and candle light dinners with string band


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Virgin Cove Resort
Virgin Cove Resort, P.O.Box 2291, Apia, Samoa
Zipcode : 2291

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