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History will be kinder to me than the media, says ManmohanFeatured PR

At the fag end of his second and last term in office, facing the media for only the third time in ten years, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was left defending his government’s record and the Congress’s positions on controversial issues.
Millbrae, CA, United States of America ( 08/01/2014
As far as the charges of corruption are concerned, most of these charges relate to the period of UPA-1. Coal block allocation as well as 2G spectrum allocation were both in the era of the UPA-1. We went to the electorate on the basis of our performance in that period, and the people of India gave us the mandate to govern for another five years.

When you look back, do you feel there is something you should have done differently?

I feel somewhat sad, because I was the one who insisted that spectrum allocation should be transparent, it should be fair, it should be equitable. I was the one who insisted that coal blocks should be allocated on the basis of auctions. These facts are forgotten. The Opposition has a vested interest. Sometimes the media play into their hands as well. There were irregularities. But the dimensions of the problems have been overstated by the media, by the CAG sometimes, and by other entities.

You did indicate in your opening remarks that you rule yourself out of a third term. So do you want Rahul Gandhi to be named prime ministerial candidate?

I have indicated in my opening remarks that I am not going to be a candidate for Prime Ministership if the UPA were to come back to power. Rahul Gandhi has outstanding credentials to be nominated as the (Prime Ministerial) candidate. I hope our party will take that decision at the appropriate time.

Have you ever felt like resigning, at any point over the last 9-10 years?

I have never felt like resigning at any time. I have enjoyed doing my work. I have tried to do my work with all honesty, with all sense of integrity, without regard, or fear or favour.

Most Chief Ministers said their defeat was because of price rise. Does it hurt that the blame is being placed at your door?

About Prime Minister's press conference

When I became Prime Minister, the general perception was that the Congress Party has never been able to run a coalition government. The Congress ability to run a coalition government was to be tested, and we showed that the Congress party can successfully manage the coalition to complete not one, but two terms. For more details visit: