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Practice your car racing skills for free at and prepare yourself for the monthly car race where the winner gets a prize of USD 3750
Sundbyberg, Stockholm, Sweden ( 27/09/2013
The craze for car racing has reached epic proportions, especially among the kids. San Jose based gaming company, now allows gamers to cash in their craze- they're now offering a prize of USD 3750 every month to winners of their car racing games competition.

Sign up is free and so is the game for the first month. Gaming enthusiasts get to practice their racing skills everyday on their exclusive five car lane racing track. "The practice sessions allow gaming enthusiasts to polish (their skills) and prepare for the monthly car race," says a spokesperson for the site. After the first month, players have to pay just USD 5.9/month. They also get to participate in the competition.

"The money is that is collected from you by way of subscription is returned to you by way of the prize- 82% of it to be precise. And out of the money that remains with us, we donate 50% of it to charity every month," adds the spokesperson. Users are those implicitly supporting a noble cause by joining in as members.

The game is aptly called All About You or AAY; as players you have complete control over the maneuver right from the word Go! Rules are simple as well- the competition starts on the 15th of every month and ends on the 16th. Also, winners get to see their race time, along with the race time of their competitors. And those who cheat shall have to face cancellation of membership along with a potential lawsuit.

As for the security and privacy concerns, claims to be a 100% legal and secure site.


This is the brainchild of leading San Jose based gaming enthusiasts. is so named because of its 29 million members who trust the site for its innovative and safe games.

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