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Leading Online Sex Toy Store Extends Premium Bondage Kits Themed on Popular EroticaFeatured PR

The Experience Channel, the leading sex toy portal online has recently come up with 3 exciting bondage kits themed on popular erotica 50 Shades of Grey, covering every aspect of BDSM fun.
worthington, OH, United States of America ( 01/05/2013
Great news for the couples craving for some thrilling BDSM fun- The Experience Channel, the leading sex toy store online has recently declared of their new bondage kits for couples based on the popular erotica "Fifty Shades of Grey".

"We do understand that 50 Shades of Grey have inspired hundreds of couples out there to experience some kinky bondage fun. Thus, we are here with our wide range of fifty shades of grey toys that are sure to bring you the ultimate BDSM pleasure, covering every aspect of it", said the spokesperson from the premier adult toy store over the internet.

Speaking about the bondage kits from the store, the sales officer here shared that they are presently offering 3 kinds of BDSM kits themed on the popular erotica by E.L. James. He stressed that the 3 kits are available in different price range and compositions so that the interested couples can pick up according to their specific preferences and budget.

The three 50 Shades of grey kits from The Experience Channel include Introduction kit, Intermediate kit and Advanced kit. "Every Shades of Grey kits from our store have been packaged with all the basic things you will need for the BDSM antics be it blindfolding or spanking or restraining. Our intro kit contains a grey tie, grey shaded blindfold in smooth satin, riding crop, masquerade mask, metal-adjustable handcuffs and Ben-Wa balls. The higher priced kits have some extra bondage goodies such as feathered nipple-clamps, ankle & wrist restraint kit & many more", elaborated the store manager while asked to disclose about their Shades of Grey bondage kits.

All the kits would be shipped for free by the store. The media personnel from The Experience Channel further assured of a discreet and beautiful packaging and top notch products only.

The Experience Channel has received rave reviews on their 50 Shades of Grey kits from previous customers. Many of them have described the kits as exciting & comfortable.

To know more on the 50 Shades of Grey kits from The Experience Channel, visit the official website of the store



Shipping is free on orders over 59 USD. The company assured of a 30 day return and full refund policy. The Experience Channel also features TV shows on love sex and relationships. To know more about the adult toys and BDSM kits from the experience Channel, visit the store website link


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