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Rockville In-Home Care Agency Publishes Care Guide For Maryland ResidentsFeatured PR

Comfort Home Care, a Rockville in-home care agency, published a guide for Maryland stroke care.
Rockville, Maryland, United States ( 20/04/2018
Comfort Home Care, a Rockville In-Home Care Agency, recently released a blog discussing elderly stroke care for Maryland residents. It mainly specifies what a person should do if their loved one has suffered from a stroke. The Rockville in-home care guide details how to spot the signs of a stroke occurring, along with how to react when someone is having a stroke. The guide also discusses the various things people must do in order to care for a loved one after they are damaged from a stroke and are laid handicapped. The Rockville In-Home Care Agency makes sure to address all the necessary factors that play into dealing with a stroke so that family and friends are better prepared for future care of of their loved one.

A stroke occurs do to hemorrhages or blockage in the brain, which stop the flow of blood to certain areas of the brain and resultantly causes many different problems for the stroke sufferer. A key action-oriented acronym to remember when immediately attending to a stroke is "F.A.S.T." F stands for changes in facial features. Those who suffer from a stroke incur changes in their facial features, so it is vitally important to be able to identify these changes in someone you are familiar with seeing. A stands for the arms. Immediately check to see if one side of the arm is drooping lower than the other side or if the stroke victim is experiencing difficulty moving to one side. S stands for speech difficulty. If the stroke sufferer is having trouble formulating words and sentences this another crucial indicator of a stroke. Having noticed some or all of these symptoms, as quickly as possible, use T, which stands for time.Rush the stroke sufferer to the hospital as fast as your can.

When recovering from the traumatizing experience of helping a friend or loved one who has just had a stroke, it can be very confusing and emotionally draining. Comfort Home Care emphasizes that if the victim is elderly that they take up home care at their residences. In-home care is the best intervention and solution for providing what an elderly loved one needs to recover from a stroke. They have years of experience and are able to provide the best professional care possible to restore your loved one to stable health. Although having had a stroke can take years of therapy to undo its effects, or have caused permanent damage, hiring an in-home care agency will give your loved ones a better peace of mind knowing that they are well cared for by the agency.

Comfort Home Care is a Rockville in-home care agency dedicated to taking care of the elderly. Locally owned and operated since 1999, Comfort Home Care excels at caregiving and ensures that the elderly are as comfortable as possible in their later years. The Rockville in-home care agency provides great Maryland stroke care for those suffering from the after effects of a stroke and is willing to extend their services to stroke sufferers with open arms and loving care. For more information, visit their website at or call 301-984-7681. You can also visit them at 121 Congressional Lane, Suite 201 Rockville, MD 20852.


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Comfort Home Care provides in-home care for seniors and disabled individuals in and around the Maryland counties of Montgomery and Howard and also Washington DC. Comfort Home Care’s services are approved by most major long-term care insurance providers and will work with providers to complete any paperwork and documentation necessary for claims.


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